Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

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Whether you drive a cruiser, “crotch rocket” or moped, it’s important to keep your motorcycle clean and safe from the weather above.

When you leave your motorcycle parked outside without covering it up you’re leaving it exposed to natural and man-made elements. From rain to dust to industrial pollutants, your paint job, windshield and seat are constantly being bombarded. That’s why you need the Motorcycle Cover to keep it looking clean and new for years to come.

Breathable Protection
Designed to reduce heat, release moisture and let your bike breathe without letting the rain or UV rays in, our motorcycle cover helps protect your paint job from fading, your seat from cracking and your motorbike beautiful.

Quick and Easy Installation
Slide on the anti-scratch car protector and use the elastic hems to hold it in place. Simply slip on our smooth, anti-abrasion car cover over the front and the body elastic hems will hold it in place as you slide it over the top and to the back. Rear elastic hems will also help keep it in place, even when it gets a bit windy outside.


Color: Black & Silver

Material: 180T polyester taffeta with PU coating

Cover size: L, XL, XXL

Package included: Motorcycle cover, storage bag.

Size Length Width Height
L 86.6 inch 37.4 inch 43.3 inch
XL 96.4 inch 41.3 inch 49.2 inch
XXL 104.3 inch 41.3 inch 49.2 inch

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